Vanguard Briggs & Stratton have gone over and above to sponsor the engine for this ATV project. We are using the brand-new 37 hp EFI Vanguard big block engine. It will give us the power to go anywhere. engine
Tetra Society Gerry is a member of the tetra society, and he is by far the largest contributor to my ATV project. Without Gerry this would have never been possible. He has allowed me to use his garage and all his equipment and endless hours of time to make this dream come true. gerry
Ross Machine Shop Ross Machine Shop has been kind enough to do some of the aluminum work, they made the FlipOut ramp, the aluminum tanks, the aluminum insert, the plastic bushings and also the suspension end caps and more. They donated their time and the materials. It has been much appreciated. ramp
BushingsBushingsFrame Insert
spacersSuspension Bracket
Capital City Machine Capital city machine fabricated the rollover protection bar made for me. And numerous other things, and has a been a large contribution to the success of this project. Their knowledge they have shared with me has been invaluable. rop